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At GOAL High School you are celebrated for who you are! Our promise is to help you succeed!

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June 18

GOAL Board of Directors Meeting (4:30-7 pm)

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June 19

Juneteenth (Federal Holiday)

July 4

Independence Day

July 23

GOAL Board of Directors Meeting (4:30- 7 pm)

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Board Meetings – GOAL High School (

July 24July 25

GOAL High School 2024 Annual Forum (Staff Only - Mandatory)

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GOAL honored with a national Diversity Equity and Inclusion Award

Reaching the GOAL of Positive Culture GOAL’s awards are attributed to a positive

Technology, Education, Gaming and More!

GOAL High School capitalizes on technology for education and engagement. PUEBLO, CO. DATE—-September


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About Our Student Drop-In Center

What is a GOAL student drop-in center? It is a dedicated space designed to support GOAL High School students and families. These centers offer a welcoming, comfortable and secure environment. Our friendly staff are here to warmly assist you with academic, social-emotional or technology needs. You can connect with your academic coach, teachers, counselors and any other staff members who are eager to build relationships and help you thrive. All GOAL students are encouraged to visit any of the forty drop-in centers around the state. Come and experience the caring and personalized support we offer firsthand!
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Dr. Derek Staves


Hello Goal Family and Friends, In Denver, we work hard to help students meet not just their educational goals but also their family and personal goals. We help students discover their own path. We know that you as a student will need to pick the direction you want life to take you. We will show paths that we have already set. These paths are just starting points and they will change as you grow and change. Come and see us, let us help you build the future that you want for yourself. 

My name is Parag Patel and I am the Dean for the Lakewood site. I believe every student has a path to reach their goals and I love being able to work with students to help them find and follow their personal path to success.“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” My favorite teacher shared this Gandhi quote with me back during my junior year of high school and I try to remember those words each day. I have followed a winding road of work and life experiences, and approaching each day with those words in mind has allowed me to enjoy all of them… mostly. Approaching each day with the mindset of learning as if I was going to live forever has allowed me to develop the art of being able to communicate with most anyone about most anything. From teaching children of all ages while working in schools, to assisting users as a help desk analyst, to helping victims of child or elder abuse, to working in different careers that have allowed me to utilize this skill in different ways, I’ve learned that effective communication is at the core of success. Approaching each day with the mindset of living as if I will die tomorrow doesn’t mean I’m jumping out of airplanes (though I have) or drag racing at midnight (that’s just crazy). Living with this mindset has allowed me to experience life more fully and connect with people more deeply. From spending as much time as possible with the people I love and care about, to telling people what they mean to me instead of waiting until the right time, to having in depth conversations with people I meet throughout the day, to working in different careers that have allowed me to make connections with people in different ways, I’ve learned that making connections and bonds with other people is at the core of living a fulfilled life.

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The Lakewood site is located Wadsworth Blvd behind the Walmart at Colfax and Wadsworth.


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